About Top Docs

Our work, our commitment, and how you can join us.

Our Work

We are a health care professional recruiting and credentialing firm committed to providing our clients with the highest quality practitioners and providing our medical professionals with exceptional service. If you're a health care professional who seeks to give back to our nation's heroes and those in-need, Top Docs is the right staffing firm for you. Contact us for opportunities or request more information!

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Our credentialing process expedites the timeline by providing documentation required to complete in-house credentialing processes.



We provide Health Care Professionals who hold at least one unrestricted medical license in the United States.


Locum Tenens & Temporary Staffing

We provide the highest caliber of physicians, advanced practitioners, and nurses available for assignments on a Locum Tenens & Temporary Staffing basis.

Top Docs Database Advantage

Health Care Professionals when and where you need them

Top Docs maintains an active database with high quality health care professionals that have passed strict credentialing guidelines.

DOD/Military Assignments: Top Docs is your #1 Choice!

We have assignments for DOD/Military health care professionals. With Top Docs A-Rated Carrier Malpractice Insurance Coverage provided for all health care staff, you can start saving money with fewer concerns.

Top Docs Military Locum Tenens and Temporary Staffing Assignments Provide Security. Contracts are 1-5 years in length. Our Top Docs Military assignments provide the perfect combination of security, freedom and flexibility. Designed to meet your specific needs, our Top Docs team is dedicated to serve you now.

Government/DOD/Military/Commercial: Do You Have Locum Tenens or Temporary Staffing Needs? Let Top Docs lead you on a smooth path to solving your Staffing needs. We are skilled at quickly assessing your requirements and matching one of our Top Docs professionals. We can solve your staffing needs rapidly.


Health Care Professionals when and where you need them

Top Docs places Physicians, Advanced Practitioners, Nurses and Allied Medical staff. All health care professionals working under contract will have completed US accredited training programs in the discipline for which they will be assigned in addition to being Nationally Certified or Eligible by their perspective certifying organization.

Top Docs Professionals undergo a very thorough credentialing process.

All health care professionals that provide staffing services through Top Docs are considered “Independent Contractors”. All Independent Contractors assigned to provide staffing services at client facilities shall:

  • Speak, understand, read and write the English language
  • Hold a current BLS and/or ACLS certification
  • Meet all qualifications and guidelines as outlined in the individual contracts
  • Be able to provide proof of US citizenship or eligibility to work in the US
  • Meet all immunization requirements for the specific locations including but not limited to MMR, Chicken Pox and PPD tests

Prior to commencement of work at any client location, each Independent Contractor shall complete the credentialing process at both the client facility and Top Docs.

In order to pass the credentialing process in the 2-4 week time frame, all required documentation must be completed in a 48 hour time frame. The health care professional is required to complete a health screening, which will indicate that they are free from any mental and physical impairments that would restrict them from performing the services that are required if so required by the client. The health care professional shall sign the above requirements.

Prior to being presented for a government position, the health care professional must submit at a minimum:

  • Current Curriculum Vitae (CV) with an explanation of any gaps in the CV from their health care training program to present
  • Current, unrestricted license to practice medicine in a state, territory, commonwealth of the United States, or the District of Columbia
  • Valid DEA certificate (if applicable)
  • Four (4) professional references from peers who have witnessed the practitioner's clinical skills within the previous 12 months.

Additional credentialing requirements will be necessary once the government facility has accepted the practitioner for the assignment. Most government assignments will require a minimum of a ninety (90) day commitment.